Thursday, April 2, 2009

Malygos, my first 25 man evar!

OMG... I do not understand why people don't like PvP. Predictable monsters or not, that crap is pretty difficult. At least in PvP, you can come right back and right wrongs or kill some poor unexpecting clothy to take out your aggression.

Wiping in a raid can be a very long experience, and COSTLY.

My new guild "Madness" asked me to join them on the last part of Obsidian Sanctum which is where the dragon Malygos hangs out apparently. I had no idea what the hell I was getting into. Slightly undergeared in S2 wear, I go happily prancing into the dungeon via portal.

They warned me to stay out of the "firewalls" which the only refrence I could think of was like the ones in Mario Brothers or something. Just some walls of fire around that you don't step in...

To my dismay, I found out within 20 seconds that we were going fire surfing, and the walls were actually giant tidal waves of fire that cook little clothy warlocks in about 1 second. Oh suuuure! Now you tell me it is a giant wave of fire that MOVES!

Needless to say the entire raid wiped at about 10% health when Malygos drops about 50 adds to try and save his ass from the impending doom. Our tank does about 4.9K damage and I mean rocks the recount meter with over 50% damage usually. I of course rock the bottom of the meter, doing less damage then most of the healers. lol

So, we got to try a second time and after they rezzed me, the Tank showed me where exactly to stand when we go "away from the boss" and "to the boss". I thought I had it all figured out this time...

Well, we get going about 20 minutes later and the guy said "to the boss", so I start running forward, but just then he said, "no, away from the boss". Did I mention that the tidal wave of fire cooks me in under 1 second? Well it did it again. I ran back to the spot I thought the tank was safe, but I got ran over by the tidal wave again. I was annoyed beyond imagination. The guild had tried several times that day to Kill Malygos, and they decided to run VoA as 25 man.

Now, VoA is the raid dungeon that becomes available after you fight in Wintergrasp for control of the keep. I went there, and the pitfalls were much less to deal with. I had no problem keeping out of the rock shards and smoke. The only thing that dissapointed me is how small that raid is for all the work you need to do to even get in there.

I mean it is like 10 monsters total, including the boss and that may be an over estimation. We were in there for like 10 minutes and I got my 2 emblems of valor. Then I found out you can only do those raids once a friggin week anyway... I was like what the hell??!?!?

So, my first experience wasn't all that great, but I got to see some content I otherwise would not have been able to enjoy on my own. I think I will just have to lower myself and gear in Naxx or something, even though it is beneath me and several DK's to do so.

My repair bill for one evening of fun was over 14 gold! PvP is much cheaper!

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