Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Those About To Joust, We Salute You!

I have been getting a little more into Tobold lately, just because he talks more about WoW, and not trying to figure out why PvPers still want to PK him 10 years later like Lummy.

So, if you read the article I linked above there, you will see yet another post of Tobold getting the low down on raiding and why some folks think it is too easy or whatever.

I'm not sure, but the way they talk, I don't think they even realize how far ahead of the majority they really are. The guy gets a lot of comments, but these are from folks that don't just play the game. They are in its head... Or it is in theirs, but in any event, they say things that many of us causuals would say, "what the hell is that Earl?". I have started to pick up on the lingo, so I am doing better, but it is just so amazing how different groups will pick apart their "area" of knowlege and not even realize that most of us don't even care.

PvPers are the same way, and back in the day, as noted by my counter with over 3.4 million hits, I used to have the same group of people here that were just as rabbid as Tobold's army of raiders, except we liked killing each other. Both groups are equally crazy about their game subset, but we have different goals. Some like to kill monsters (PvE), and some like to kill each other (PvP). We all love to kill things. We are all killers!

Anyway, on with my latest issues. First of all that 3.1 patch is still not 100% functional. Emergency restarts on Tuesday, rolling restarts Wednesday and Thursday morning... There is something afoot at the Circle K here folks. Blizz has had no love in the patch department for quite awhile. I mean there was a month or so of relative peace before 3.1 came out, but now the nightmare has begun again. Hey guys, WTF?

Anyway, my jousting has improved. I finally started to figure out how the heck to beat the Sin'ji and the Shadowmoon guys. First off, I was confused about the shield. It has three levels. For those of us that drive, red is level 1 or low shield, yellow is level 2 or medium shield, and green is shields at full captian. It ain't easy being green, but you can set up your shield before you even joust. This was helpful information for me. You will want to keep the shield green through the entire battle, so if it turns yellow, then you need to bump it back up as fast as possible. Green is good! It can also mean "Go!".

Now, call me crazy, but I thought it would be more like "jousting" where you stand across the field from each other, run at the other guy full speed and try to knock him off the horse or whatever. No... This is like go over, tell the guy "Hey let's do this", then you smack the crap out of your opponent with the stick (lance). When the opponent tries to walk away to get distance, you throw a lance at them. Immediately after throwing your lance, get back in close range to your opponent and whip them with your lance some more. It takes some time, but as long as you don't let them turn around and shield break you, or charge, then you will get them down eventually. Hit them in the back! It's okay, no really, it works!

So, I have been enjoying my dailies for the Argent Tournament, and I am gleefully collecting some star looking thingys so I can advance to jousting some other guys. Hopefully will the same or similar tactic, or I will be blogging about how much I suck again.

So, for those about to joust, we salute you! Go get em!

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