Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buzy Little Bee...

Well, all my hopes and dreams of not being bored have finally come true. With the still not yet 100% functional patch 3.1, I have been very busy.

First off they added some stuff to the Wintergrasp vendors. Not sure how useful they will be, but now I have more phat lewts I can shoot for. I have been more focused on the DK lately. Simply because I am not really geared for Raids on my warlock, and I am not so sure I should be in a raiding guild. I don't know what it is, but I seriously do not get that deep into my game as the raiders do. We have a guy that can calculate just about any scenerio as to what our chances are. He knows everything about every character and how they should be set up and all their max dps rotations etc... It is quite the experience to listen to him talk about this stuff, but still. I think that much information really kills it for me in the game.

I kinda like to learn this stuff for myself to an extent, and if I fail, it is not something I go completely crazy over. Sure, it costs me 7 gold per death to repair, but these damn tightwads drive me nuts. It is way more expensive to do the raids then to do PvP or the smaller 5 man quests, but I guess the rewards should reflect that right?

Which bring me to my point. WoW, is very bad about offering the "right" rewards to the right people. If I am on a quest, and the reward is something I can't use, then why the hell do the quest? I never quite understood why they can't just customize the rewards to the class of character. There is a limited number of classes, so why should this be so difficult? The other thing that really bugged me about the rewards, is that many times it is the same thing. 4 quest givers offer boots of the same armor, but the stats are slightly different. For me, that is completely unacceptable. I think there should be several options for the same class, and not make my plate wearing power house choose from 2 cloth items, one leather and one mail item.

I am currently engaged in several projects. One of course is the Argent Tournament. Very nice, they have now added three new movies into wow. The Black Knight, A Knights Tale and Excalibur have been imbedded in the code. I haven't figured out everything yet as my jousting is in a bit of a... Well, it sucks right now...

Plenty of new things to do in Icecrown that I have started to unlock and reveal after finally getting someone to help me get past Not-so-honorable-combat. That really opened up the flood gates for me.

Anyway, I am outta here for now. Keep your eyes open and your legs closed.


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