Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Epic Fail?

I haven't been digging too deep yet, but WoW's 3.1 patch is taking a bit longer than expected. Ohhh, about 6 hours so far and counting, unexpected which I am sure is making some poor IT team go completely crazy. There is only so much pressure us IT guys can handle before we flip out and start shootin. lol

Anyway, my epic fail story has to do with getting groups together to go on raids and daily heroics. Now all I want is a few of those heroism badges so I can get this sigil thingy for my DK. Every time I try, I get into a group like Leeeroooy Jenkins! or I get some whiner that doesn't want to be saved or some other whiner that can't spend 7 gold for repairs and leaves the group. So far I have tried 6 times to get some heroism badges and I have only aquired 2. I only need 15. I am not happy. I hate whiners. Whatever the saving you to an instance does to these poor fellows obviously needs to be addressed. It is preventing us from having fun or learning how to do these raids and heroics. I did get through one time, but that was in WG in VoA. Every other place I have gone, we have failed to get me some badges.

Apparently DK's were patched to death. I have looked over the list but until I get in there to see what they are talking about, I have come to the realization that everything I have learned up to this point is gone. Respec, the new duel spec and then of course the new plan for killing everything will have to be relearned. Not too happy about that.

I see they finally tried to make fishing worth while. You can fish anywhere even if you aren't skilled enough to fish there. Flint and tinder are gone, which is funny because my GF used to have like 50 of those in her packs and I would laugh that she might want to carry a few less so she would have room for lewts. Because we are just that darn resourcefull. I noticed they have some jokes in the patch notes. I would think that if they wrote the patch notes today, there is not a lot of joking going on. I did find them amusing however.

PvP notes indicate that Alterac Valley has been recharged and reconfigured for better honor. That would be nice since absolutely NO ONE wants to play that BG anymore. I think I have played AV like 5 times on my hordie and each time we slaughtered the Allies terribly. While my Warlock doesn't even bother to go in there. She used to, and I still have 70 marks to prove it.

The new battle ground stuff with the Lich King sounds cool, I will be all over that soon. Can't wait to try and kick that guys hiney!

I dunno, but I hope they get this sucker running some time today. I can only imagine they are probably considering free time for us at this point since the day is technically over.

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