Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Guide To Strategy...

Ole Tobold was talking about the fact that folks just don't want to play the game as intended anymore.

To make things short and sweet I will give you this. I agree with the fact that the fun SHOULD be in the experience of learning and playing your character with as little help as possible from outside influences.

That strategy only lasts for the first character however. Once the honeymoon is over and I've built my first one. You better bet that the second one is gonna get some help. If it took me 3 months to get my first character to 70, then I can only assume that it may only take 2 months on the second character. In any event, that seems like way too much work when I could just get a little addon or two and maybe cut that number down even further.

The problem is that there is somewhere I want to go or a skill I want to have or just have a character that can assist the first one in some compacity. I don't want to spend 3 months per character to do that. I got to the end of the game already, if I want to explore further, it is something that needs to be done faster.

Until they can come up with a way for me to learn at my own speed and not theirs, I will just have to rely on the fact that other people will.

I do find it amazing however, how much information is now available about these games. I mean, when I played UO, there wasn't much of a pool of information on how to get what and what every single item is etc. I mean, we webmasters tried to pool as much as we could and after 2000 some sites started devoting databases for items and whatever, but no where near the colosal amount of information we have now. I was completely shocked to see how much things have changed since a decade ago.

Anyway, I do love the adventure, but after I get where I want to go, I want to have control over the next characters experience. I think it would be a good idea for developers like Blizzard to recognize and give us options to skip over the lowbie content if we so choose. They let us change sex, why not be born as a grownup? I dunno, that level 55 thing with the DK's was a great start.


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