Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go Go Gadget Tank & Healer...

I am normally just throwing things in the air here to myself, but the trend in 5 man dungeons is obviously changing. I was fortunate enough to run the new Lich King instances with groups that had never done so before. For that, I was given the "new player" experience. I feel pretty good about that now. I know for a fact that no new people will ever get that experience again.

Tobold mentions that the instances need to be more challenging, yadda yadda. I think he bounces back and forth on issues sometimes, but in any event, I have a solution.

Make harder ie: more challenging instances an option for those that wish to partake in that kind of fun.

It is the first time in WoW history at least in my 2 years of playing that they actually did something that was mostly in the players favor. They took out some things that made the instances take longer, not made them easier. Some of the attacks they removed were just annoyances anyway. With the exception of putting a fast forward in the Culling Of Stratholme, which they need really bad, I was happy with most of the changes I saw.

Punishing the players is NOT FUN. I don't know how many of you pay attention to Lum "Scott Jennings" the Mad, but outside of his snarky comments and general hate for the PvP community, he has a few points.

"Design: It's The Fun, Stupid"

No matter how you slice it, that is what your customers are attracted to. Yea, they will eventually get all the gear they want with badges, and yes you will have to add new content, and hey, what if they just gave us more choices of things we can buy? Why have one set of gear when you can have 3? Why not make us chase down more mounts, pets, weapons, trinkets? You know, I have always had an issue with the fact you can't upgrade your armor set. Why not make that possible with Frost badges? Basically, there are a million different ways WoW can continue to keep us doing what we are doing.

No one is concerned about the story or the reading and mostly not even looking around, but does that mean that they should be punished so the handful of old school tyranical ex-Dungeon Masters out there can get their kicks? I don't think so. Times have changed people, you may as well get used to and get over it. Designers are no longer Gods. Customer service managers, as Lum put it is absolutely correct. I am glad to see that someone has finally seen the light.

Brining me to my next concern. There are many different forms of grief. Back in the day we had the pick pockets that could steal your stuff from your pack, or the people that would taunt you into hitting them first so you would turn grey and then they would kill you without any retribution to themselves. But our current form of grief is the damn Dungeon Finder.

One thing is people who sign up for an instance, get in and then decide they don't like it and leave. This causes a delay in our fun, and thus we feel griefed by said player. There are the healers or tanks that decide they are the "rulers" of the group and if you don't do what they want, they might just "forget to heal" or "forget to grab aggro". I love those guys... Fortunately most of my characters are hybrid, and I can live from many of these situations but, it still sucks.

Another form is with the "Kick" function. If you are finished with an instance, and you don't remove yourself from the group, you might have to wait for 20 minutes for that character to be removed from server. Again, this is a waste of time. You can't kick people after an instance is complete, yet if your group was working well together and you want to stay together, there is currently no way to reconnect with them after you all disband. There is also limits on who you can kick and how long you have to put up with them before you do, which also causes problems. Then there is the possibility of people just kicking for no real good reason, which is also another form of grief if in the hands of the right people.

The worst thing and will probably get even more noticable as time goes on is that Tanks and Healers are getting more sparce again. Even now, only a few weeks after the Dungeon Finder was released, the average wait times to find a group are slowly climbing.

I am not sure what the solution would be here, but my snarky first idea was, why not just have a robot Tank and Healer and let us DPS get busy with doing what most everyone wants to do anyway? It's either something like that or just give the DPS class a way to take care of ourselves, and let's get this whole waiting for the people to decide when we can play our game.

The problem is that most people do not understand the simple fact that you can only control what YOU do in life, not everyone else. Once we have conquered that, I think gaming may have a chance to survive.

I suppose that I will leave you today with a picture of the old Horde Hazmat flying around on her Armored mount...

That's all I got... Laters.

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