Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am not seeing the whole picture...

And here we have the new Xina. Formerly Draenei, she is still my lowest Ally toon at level 39. I was having some serious issues with how I felt playing that toon, and I really have no idea what most of the spells do, but now, as a human, I have had some renewed interest in playing the Pally.

Of course today is WoW's downtime, and I am here waiting for the new season 8 of arena. I won't likely play the new season 8 of arena, but there will be some new PvP gear I may have time to get before season 9. That is of course if I ever get all of my gear from Frost and Triumph badges before then.

Okay, so to make a short story long... I have been reading other people's blogs for years. Most of them, if they are not PvP fanatics, hell-bent on ruling the universe, are people who are playing the game to make money. People who craft or role-play or generally greedy people who apparently have way more time on thier hands then I do.

I get frustrated because I just go in and play my game, and somehow, I have got to be one of the poorest people in the game. I read about how you can do all of these wonderful things, and kill the Lich King in Greens, but I probably won't even see the guy unless I can con old "Evocare" into taking me on a tour. Well, except that he doesn't have time to talk to his old buddy Fear these days.

I read about ways to make money, and let's face it, there is an "Auction Griefer" out there named Greedy Goblin, that obviously has the Auction House figured out to a T. I don't agree with the emails he sends out harrassing other auctioneers, but when he talks about money, I pay some attention. However, I can't do most of those things because I am not already rich, or because I am not in a huge raiding guild, and I play mostly late at night, or early in the morning. So, how would a guy like me, become rich and famous, or at least be able to keep up with the pack?

I have been playing WoW, since about May 2008. I play probably 20-30 hours a week. I play late at night, or very early AM. I have a guild on both Horde and Ally sides, with about 10 people in each one. I am the most geared and the highest crafter on either side. I have had to create toons to handle the other crafts because most of my guildies just like to level toons. Once they get to 70-80, they just make another one. I am not on the most popular server. Its a PvE server, and there is a market for things, but mostly everyone just floods the market and we can't make squat. I don't really want to leave where I am, but the options here are not pristine.

Anyway, I usually go in, burn my CD's for Alchemy with Hazmat, then log in Myd and burn her Tailoring CD's if available, then I play someone. Sometimes I take Myd and go get her daily's done for fishing and cooking. I sometimes decide I wan't to take Myd and Haz out for their daily Frost Badge run. I may decide that I want to level some of the lowbies. I just have a lot going on, and this may be why I am not making so much money. I make about 1,800 gold a week in game. That's a rough estimate, but I transmute one gem a day which sells for 150-180 gold, I sometimes get 3 elixrs from Northrend Alchemy Research which sell for 25 G each, and I sell the cloth I can make every three days for like 175 on the Spellweave and Moonshroud, and 85 on 2 pieces of Shadoweave. I don't really try to make much more then that. I have tried making some of the high-end tailoriing items, but I can never sell em. I end up trading them to some guild mate for some other material I want to have.

I guess I just don't have a clear plan of what I want to do or even how to do it. I just like killing stuff. My idea of fun is really all about being able to go play whatever I want, when I want. I just don't seem to care about making the most money, or being in the latest T-10 gear. I sure will get some T-9 gear over time however. I do tend to focus on at least being able to keep up with the majority. I don't like being low man on the DPS totem pole. I have gone to great lengths to find out what I can do to be better. I don't want to be the best, but I do like to keep up.

Anyway, it's about time for WoW to open up, so I will bid you all farewell, and happy hunting!

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