Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Reason Is Clear...

Tobold wants to know why we don't complain when Blizzard messes up and screws the pooch on a patch? Why don't we just leave and never return?

Plain and simple, it's because AION pisses me off more.

I was ready to quit AION last week because I am stuck at level 13. I keep dying and I lost all my money to buy my experience back, and I was generally in a bad mood.

I was very upset with Blizzard this week, and the lag issue is still not corrected. Do we need another 12 hour maint time to get this stuff straight? Hey, if your servers are old, replace them. Stick with coding that is tried and true. I don't like the Tuesday downtime as it is, but if you can't get it together then shame on you.

Something needs to be corrected and I am thinking now would be good. I know Blizzard doesn't mean to be the bad guys here, but this bad patch stuff needs to come to a hault. Seriously, many of us invest a ton of money into this software and it needs to work correctly.

Like I said, if it weren't for AION being the slowest grind on the planet, I would have left myself.

I'll be back after I get back on my normal medication... ;)

That's all I got.

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