Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cross Faction Communication...

In the battlegrounds I have no problem with keeping the talking divided. I also see no reason to force the main channels to have open communication between the two factions. It helps keep things more of a secret for doing major city raids and stuff like that. Not that people don't have two computers or accounts and spy on each other now. Nothing will ever rid you of the spy game completely, and maybe we don't want to do that.

What I would like to see is the ability to communicate with individuals you choose to do so with. I see no reason why we can't open up guilds/parties/raids/whispers and even email to those on the other side we would like to play with. You should definitely be able to email your counterparts on the same account. Getting things accross from one side to the other should not be so difficult. If the "Vision (tm)" is accessabilty, then I think we need to open that up just a bit further.

I mean, war is one thing, but when you are outside of the battlefield, why not allow the Horde and Alliance to talk to each other if both sides decide to do so? Guild, Raid, Party and Whispers are some areas where we can expand. The newer sections of Azeroth are not all about the war between Alliance and Horde. I mean, even in real-time, if I decide to speak to someone we (United States) are at war with, doesn't mean I am some sort of traitor. Outside of military personel, there are simply some people that don't condone or go to war with a particular group just because someone says so. There are other reasons to be friends with people. Be it religion, jobs, relationships or whatever, there are people that could benefiet greatly from the ability to communicate with people on the other side of the fence.

If there is any possible way to cheat this in bg's or whatever then deny access to guild chat if an individual is a member of an opposing faction while they are fighting. But raiding and even grouping together should be allowed.

I think this would promote more of the social side of things and not force people to go to a side that they may not enjoy just because all of their friends are playing that faction.

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