Thursday, August 6, 2009

First impressions of patch 3.2... (Really early ones)

So, let's just say first off that this patch went off like a nuclear explosion. The game has been mostly unplayable or at least highly annoying since Tuesday. I was unable to even get back on my realm until after Midnight Wednesday morning. This was mostly due to the fact that a large number of servers were not quite ready for patching. I can only imagine how these guys get all of those servers under control so "quickly". Okay, I don't know the exact number of servers they have but when the list of "broken" servers reaches more then ten, I am sure there is some major geek action taking place somewhere.

When I was a network administrator, I had twelve servers. Never did I have to deal with more then one at a time being broken, and just one caused me major stress. These guys must have quite the team working for them to be able to handle that kind of pressure. Lost accounts and lost revenue are never fun subjects with the guys in charge.

The new battleground Isle Of Conquest is interesting, although still buggy. I haven't determined what I am doing in there yet, but I did find some cool vehicles that shoot blades which will actually stick in wood! Oh man, that was the coolest thing evar! There are still some problems with the exit on that game as it doesn't always remove you from your raid group. This can cause problems with questing and such, so hopefully they are on top of that.

All of the other battlegrounds are pretty much dead at this point while everyone learns the new one. The upside is that I actually get to do stuff like carry flags without people attacking me and some fun things I don't normally have the opportunity to do with my Warlock. The DK runs flags all the time, so it is nice to run the clothy like shes got some important business to attend to.

Wintergrasp que system is very nice, and the ability for you to fly when no battle is going on is also way overdue. They switched the reset of the battleground to when the game starts. You get a message that you have been qued for Wintergrasp and are you ready to join. If you don't join the battle, then you are ejected from Wintergrasp. The only problem I have encountered is that besides the huge amount of lag, if you get disconnected, you can be ejected from Wintergrasp if you do not return quickly enough. My first round I was lagged out hard in the keep courtyard, tried to come back, and the que message was on my screen. Before I could answer yes, again, I was disconnected a second time. When I returned I was sitting on a hill out in Icecrown. I tried to fly back to Lagaran to get a another chance, but by the time I got there, the battle was over. Later that evening, I was able to get through the entire fight and it was nice not to join a raid group or even worry about that anymore.

There is also some new item debugger still on that is sort of annoying. Now we see "Creating item NNNNNN" whenever the game makes something. There is also currently major lag issues, and I am sure I can only see a small fraction of the other problems going on. There are also some video issues that Bliz did warn us about, but so far, I haven't encountered any of those.

Okay, so we now have some epic level 80 gems! Oh man, those suckers are expensive right now too. But finally, we have some. I haven't checked the meta-gems to see if those are epic now also, but rest assured, I will.

I hear the Argent Tourney addition is cool, but unbeatable solo. I haven't finished all of the AT quests yet to even get in there, so that will have to wait until I get a wild hair to get Haz in gear and finish.

Anyway, I hope these issues and whatever else is going on will be resolved soon so we can get down to business.

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