Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheevo's and Cheezepuff's

The new offical in-game term for Acheivements is "Cheevos", so mark that in the WIKI database for me...

The BG's have been a strange place lately. Whether it is the changes coming down the line in patch 3.2.0 or just because all the good players have fallen off the planet I can't figure it out.

Strand of the Ancients, the newest battleground is an interesting twist on the Wintergrasp battleground. The object is simple, there are two rounds. One round you attack the tiers and move through the battlefield to reach the titan relic, the other round you defend the tiers and keep those pesky enemies off your relic.

Now, before you say, that's just too easy, there are of course defensive guns, and on offence, there are tanks and bombs that I believe are spelled Seaforium.

The trick on offence is to make sure that when the ships pull up to the beach and land, you get off the boat, and grab a bomb. The next thing you do is to see if there is an available tank to drive towards the door. If tank = Yes, take tank, spam the 1 and 2 buttons on your keyboard go through doors, if there is no tank, run with your bomb to the door, drop the bomb. This usually ends in your death at some point, so after you die, look for a bomb, then look for a tank, go to next door etc.

On defense you want to get to the first tier, grab a gun turret if possible, or run out on the beach and start destroying the tanks. If there are no tanks, watch for the guys running to the door with bombs. You can defuse the bombs by clicking them. If the enemy breaks through the door, then you can dismount the turret, and either assault their tanks on foot while falling back to the next tiers guns. If the enemy breaks through a tier, you keep falling back a tier until you get to the relic.

Okay, it is pretty simple, but for some reason, many people do not realize that's how it is done. You go in force with as many tanks as you can, and blow up all the doors to get to the relic. So many people run around trying to honor farm this BG and it is just stupid because while you are jacking around messing with the guys on the field, the rest of us are blasting our way to victory.

Anyway, that's all I got for now.

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