Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Low Tide For The Moment...

There was a comment about Warcraft being at "low tide" on an actual popular blog today and it made me wonder why is that?

Well, in short... We still can't fight the Lich King. We got our other major dungeon Ulduar too late and was basically unbeatable. We got about one-half of the content that should have been released with that patch and I am sure people are a bit angry about it.

On one hand Bliz did some really cool things with the WoLK patch, but there were some major shortcomings. Why did they only release half of the Argent Tournament? Just so we could all get cool titles untill the "real" ending came? I posted before about how that section left me with the feeling of "what's the point?".

There are several other smaller pieces I would have rather seen left out then to get only half of the content and nothing complete. Bliz is just now trying to help out with the Ulduar dungeon so some of us might actually be able to complete it. It's been a really long time though guys, this is not good for player retension.

Hey, here is an idea... How about some PvP spec instances? I mean when we fight the lich king, I am sure he is going to have a lot of DK's running interference. I think there should be some instances designed for those of us that choose to dress as PvP rather then dungeon dwellers. Resillience should be more important then it is for more then just killing on a battlefield.

Another major issue for me and I am sure many of you is this re-spec crap we have to keep going through. I have had to respec the DK about 3 times and my Warlock at least once, and it is just getting to be a big pain in the ass for me. I am a hybrid and dual-spec. It totally sucks to have to spend all that time re-specing over and over and over without me choosing to do so.

The one thing that Bliz has failed on is keeping the older sections in play so we don't have this huge bottleneck in the major high level city. Dalaran is a like walking through superglue! My laptop is not exactly "top-of-the-line" but the lag there is so bad that I will do anything to avoid that place. Unless you play at two in the morning, at which time it is almost worth going in for a quick daily or two.

Everything from the old lands and Outlands are worthless. Unless someone is training or gets a wild hair to use them to equip guildies or something. There is just not a good reason to go back to those places. Auctions only work in the old lands, but there is so much more that could be possible. It is actually just a pain in the arse that we need to go back there just for one thing. It would be nice to have some optional reasons to go there such as daily instances or dungeons. Okay, here are some possible reasons to go to Outland. The fishing daily, because it has "fish hooks" that are easy to obtain the the "glow worms". If you decide to slum around and get some cheevo's you can probably run some of those dungeons rather easy, and possibly rep building, but for gods sake, how borring are all of those? We need some action to go back to or something there to do other then use it for building those ten levels we need to get the hell out of there are run for Northrend.

Ahh we got a new battleground or two and maybe they might be somewhat fun. I don't know yet, the patch is being installed right now, and I am skeptical about the whole thing. One of them seems to be a cross between Alterac Valley and Strand Of The Ancients. I will be interested in seeing how that plays out. AV is one of my favorites, when I am playing Horde.

The cheeze tactics in many of the battlegrounds have to be looked at more carefully. I see they have made some progress in Wintergrasp. Finally no more duels during a WG battle? Goodness, no more twenty-five people doing the fishing daily when we need help? What a concept, get those slackers out of there.

I think there should be higher rewards for completing the battles, and less emphasis on kiling each other. We have arenas for people that just want to kill people. Lets put the strategy back into the battlegrounds where it belongs, and make them fun again.

Alterac Valley should not be everyone running to the other end, killing the General, game over. The strategy needs to be rewarded, not the number of kills. You should get a huge amount of honor for capturing a node, and for the mines, and for setting loose all of the cool defenses that Alterac has to offer. Fighting over nodes should grant honor, not people running around the middle picking off helpless riders and the like. We want to be rewarded for acts of heroism, not cheeze tactics. I didn't even realize we had all these other options in Alterac until one time Horde turtled us and the Alliance guys were like telling us to release this or that defence and upgrade our troops. I mean, there is a lot we can work with in that BG.

Here is an idea though.. People should only gain honor when they are fighting for an objective. For example, you should get honor when you fight at the flag or in the flag room, but not out in the middle of the field. Make it so people can't just farm the honor, but actually have to go to an objective to make any points. It's all great if they want to stop someone out in the field, but that isn't what we are here to do. We have a job to do, and we need more emphasis on doing that job, and not just some random killing. Killing at a spawn point is also, not honorable. They either need to make sure there are multiple spawn points, or give us the option to change them like they do in Wintergrasp.

I just feel like we should have released all the major stuff in WoLK, and left the smaller stuff for these patches. The choices made by Blizz on this release are really hurting them. I don't even play as much now, because the waiting has become too boring.

Wake up fellas, and ladies!

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