Sunday, January 10, 2010

AION - First Impressions... Day One...

I am not even sure why I wanted to look at this game other then the fact that I had heard there were many people playing it at the moment. I heard that this was game was "WoW with Wings", so I went ahead and bought a copy.

Anyway, here is what I like and don't like so far.

The Character creation and all of the options are wonderful. You can configure your toon to look exactly like you if you choose, or like anyone else for that matter. The advanced settings and the color settings give you total control over how your characters will look. Every kind of appearance from short to tall, fat or skinny, and almost every kind of facial, and body adjustments are available. Character creation is really a game within its self, because you can spend a million years in there making your characters perfect.

I was and I still am irritated that you can't make characters on both factions on the same server. I had to set up camps on two servers so I could check out the differences between the two. I hope that the AION team will address this eventually. I don't like WoW for not being able to talk or send emails to my other faction sisters and brothers, but at least I can have both on one server.

They could use more decorations for your character, and tatoos, but I really liked this part of the game for configuring your future toon. They could use more hair styles too or let you create your own.

I have made 6 characters, and most of them are only level 3. I can say that AION is a lot like WoW, but there are some things there that make me mad at WoW for not being there.

The Quest tracker in AION has a much better flow then the tracker in WoW. You can see entire quest chains, called campaigns so that you actually know what you are doing and where this line of quests will take you. AION does a good job of pushing you through the landscape, and the help system is better at telling you how to complete an objective. The map shows you where the quest givers are, and the landscape is on a smaller scale which is great.

One thing that irritates me about the quest system, is that if the description is too long, you have to scroll down to the end of the quest before you can press the "Accept" button. This has to be changed. It shouldn't stop me from pressing the accept button like it does on a EULA description. That is a waste of time.

Another thing I was irritated about is that I couldn't find the "Auto-loot" selection. I don't care whats in the packs, I just want to loot it all, every time. *** I have since found an auto-loot function, but it is a button instead of an option for right-click ***

I also noticed that AION has Dynamic lewts! Instead of rewarding you with a Cloth helm, or plate shoes, or mail belt. All of the lewt was a head slot item, just different materials. Cloth, plate or mail helmet, you choose which one you want. It was nice to see that someone besides me can see the advantage in doing the lewt that way. Wasting my time doing a quest where the reward doesn't benefiet me it bogus!

Removable gems was another excellent example of why AION could be a contender. Not only can you gem low level items, but you can get a tool to remove these gems for later on if you so choose. Now, it will destroy the item, but there is a guy that can remove gems without destroying the item, which is very nice.

One thing that kind of bugs me about the game is that many of the character movements and the avatar movements are kind of stiff. I hope that they adjust that sometime down the road. There is a lot of repetitive actions and the spell casting words kind of get on my nerves.

Overall the new WoW with wings is keeping my mind busy and thinking about it, which is a good thing.

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