Monday, January 4, 2010

Is There A WoW Dungeons For Dummies Book Out There?

I commented recently about Tobold's latest comments about the future of PuG's and the Dungeon Finder.

Myd with her new dungeon gear!

I am on my way to my brand new dungeon gear set and boy are my arms tired. I am convinced that Dungeon Diving takes more out of you then PvP.

Most of my adventures have been okay. I have the occasional mishap or two with doing things I shouldn't because I have no idea what I am really doing in these dungeons sometimes. I have had a few interesting deaths as of late which I may share if not to entertain you, then to at least point out, that there are a few of us normal people out there that mess up and it's "okay".

First off, I just want to mention that I was in over 10 dungeons today at level 80 on random, and most of them I couldn't even tell you what or where they are. So, if I get some details wrong, sue me.

My first major death of the day was in I believe the Halls of Lightning. There are monsters on various platforms that you have to climb up or down to get to. We were in an area, cleared the first boss, or at least some "trash" and I realized that back down on the area below where we were, that I forgot some phat lewts. So I gingerly run on down there, pick up my lewt, and turn around to go back up the platform. When I got there, my homies weren't there. Instead there were more evil monsters happy to see a squishy clothy had come to visit them. Well, I was dead fairly quickly, but you will be happy to know the rest of the group was spared with the exception of the Hunter that followed me up the wrong platform.

Another fun experience I had this day was that I accidently started a quest in the Culling Of Stratholme dungeon. It didn't do anything, but I thought that since I was the last one through the area, my homies wanted me to get this thing rolling. Well, they were at a completely different boss, but we found out that if you do start this last boss quest accidently, then you will be given another chance to start it again.

My biggest failure today, which only cost me my life was when we were fighting some huge bug-like creatures, probably Anub-something, and I didn't step into the last room all of the way and got locked outside of it. Fortunately, my group did just fine without me, but I was a little embarrassed.

I also found out today that I was using Haunt level 2 and not Haunt level 4, thanks to some Annoying addon that broadcasts to the entire party that you are shooting the wrong level spells. Of course this was easily corrected, but I was again a little red in the face.

Overall, I had some great experiences with Dungeon Finder, although, I didn't get any new gear from any dungeons this time around. I did, however find out where to buy some nifty dungeon gear off the vendors in the Argent Tournament Grounds. Now, this should be interesting. I have bought a few items, and I have been replacing all of my PvP gear and putting this stuff on and I do notice a significant increase in spell casting speed and DPS. I plan to get a full set for PvE, and if you thought it couldn't get any better, you can buy the Furious Gladiator items right there for Triumph badges!

On a sad note, I have still not acquired Seethe! Okay, that's it for now... Gotta go see a man about a sword...

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