Saturday, January 16, 2010

Okay, Seriously, WTF Was That?

Seriously, I was walking around Stormwind and this huge group of toons were gathered in front of the auction house.

There were about 60 or so level 1 characters standing out there, and they were all moving in sync with each other. After a bit of watching, I realized that this must be how people leave messages on the ground with corpses. It still doesn't make much sence to me how all that works, but I noticed that the group i was closest to were in a formation that could have made a letter. Possibly a Z or an N, I am not sure which.

The GM's must have caught wind of this or something, because within 10 minutes or so, all of the characters vanished. They didn't get killed and stay on the ground. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen anything like that.

Immediately afterwards, I set up shop as a DJ, and placed my teleporter to be used as a dance floor. We had a great light show, and the chicks dancing were pretty cute.

Anyways, thats all I got.

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