Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Speaking About Halls Of Reflection, Try This!

Players always find a better way of doing things, to help, ya know, be LAZY. Well HOR is no different. Now, you may remeber that I liked to call the escape from the Lich King encounter, the "Run Forest, Run!" ending, but there is a better way.

Instead of running away from the Lich King, many groups now are parking off to the side, and then following the Lich King as he walks AWAY from your doomed party.

Once the LK gets past your party, he will cast his minions who will then come back to you where you can AOE and DPS until your lips fall off, without the worry that you might aggro old LK. You also lose the sense of fear wondering if he is actually going to catch up to your party and kill all of you. Once you kill the minions just move up, kill more minions, then rinse and repeat.

On the last barrier, you will be pretty far behind the LK at this point, unless your DPS is off the chain. So when you catch up to him, the gunship may have already came and blown the rocks down to block the LK inside. Have no fear, you won't get stuck! Once the rocks come down, the LK and the rocks will vanish. You and your homies can walk right on through to finish the dungeon.

I don't think this is a cheat exactly, since, you know it lets you do it, but... It works, and it makes things a lot less stressful!

Let me know what you think of running HOR in this manner.

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