Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazons In Da House Yo!

Anyway, I couldn't come up with a better title at the time of press.

Lady Proudmoore, in the Wrath Of The Lich King instances is like HUGE. Lady Sylvannis is pretty large too, but this blonde bombshell is still chasing after her once lover, turned the dastardly Lich King. Now, the LK is pretty large himself, but I am okay with that because he is like the big Boss with the red hot sauce.

Both of the "guides" in these instances have some serious issues with Arthas. I like Sylvannis' style of talking back to Arthas rather then the way Proudmoore tries to convert him back to the good side like Luke tried to do with Darth Vader (Luke's Papa)...

Anyway, things are going okay on both the Horde and Alliance front. I decided that it was time to let another Horde take Hazmat's place as the leader of the pack on that side and converted Hazmat to the Alliance side. OH NOES!

Okay, well it has actually been a really sweet merger. Now I have all of my gold in one place with two Grand Master professionals at my command. It has been obvious that I still play Alliance more often, and on my server it just makes sence because items are harder to come by on the Horde side. Like the Auction House. The Horde side never has what I want while the Alliance side almost always has what I need even if the quantity isn't quite what I was looking for. I have a GM Tailor, and Alchemist now that compliment each other nicely.

Hazmat is Draenei now and boy is she a tall one. Going from a small cute Blood Elf to a 6 foot 8 inch Draenei was no easy feat. I lost all of my Argent Tournament rep because they don't convert that apparently, and I miss my Red Skeletal mount, but other then that, I think it all worked out okay. I have started working Hazmat and Myd together to build my new empire where I need it to be. It is a very different experience playing Hazmat as a Draenei, like I forget I can't walk into Hordie camps anymore, but still having some fun there. She fights about the same, and recently I changed her specs, and enchanted everything, so the DPS is much better then it was previously.

Meanwhile, I have Aucivasha, Spin, Zewl, and the newest member Panzier building slowly over time. I am still more heavily involved on the Alliance side, and will likely continue to do so for awhile.

All of the younger toons have the Heirloom paulderons, and leveling them is such a breeze. I don't care what anyone says about things being too easy. I like it when I can log in for a half hour and pop off a couple of levels, and do all my dailies with the level 80 characters. I don't get to play every day, so when I do it is nice to see some serious progress.

WoW is down for extended maint today, so I may have to take another crack at AION. I am getting better at this "gliding" you can do when you jump off a small hill or cliff. I have a level 11 Sorcerer, and she is quite a killer. More on that later though, I don't feel like getting too deep at the moment.

Have a great Tuesday!

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