Sunday, January 4, 2009

DK For The Win...

So, the DK is level 75 now. I am still puttering around in Dragonblight and the zone to the East, called Grizzly Hills. So, the designers have managed to make some aspects of the game like a single player version. I was about into my last few quests on the Eastern side of DB, when I was thrust into a movie segment where we once again attempted to assault Arthas. We failed of course due to some undead from Venomspite that threw chemical weapons at us killing the Scorge, and all of the living.

This started to make me think that whomever is working on these scenerios is heavy into the military or different aspects of war that have become very evident and public in the last few years. Between all the torture quests, and now the chemical weapons and a host of unthinkable actions carried out by the "good guys". I feel they have moved beyond the game and have attempted to show us more of an ugly side to war.

I like war, but there are just some things you can't do in real life war, that are being done here with the new expansion. I can only imagine that some folks will become disturbed by these things especially when they have you doing stuff that you know is "bad", and yet it's okay here in fantasy land. I am not so sure it should be like that.

Anyway, all is going well, I am taking my time getting to 80. I am sure there won't be another expansion any time soon, so no hurry right?

I hope everyone had a great holiday, talk to you soon!

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