Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Death Grip the King! He Doesn't Like It...

Well, I haven't killed the Lich King as I said before, but he has killed me... Funny story of the day for today is that last night, I was faced once again with the mighty Lich King in one of the last solo quests for Icecrown. My mission was to get a discuise off some poor slob, and then we would enter this cathedral and steal the LK's heart that I had found a few days ago.

We get in there, and I am talking with a guild mate about what I am doing, when all of a sudden old LK himself shows up and struts down this long isle near where we are standing. I am thinking, Oh maybe this is gonna be another movie or story, whatever. The cathedral was filled to the brim with LK's priest minions all praying quietly with their elite selves...

LK walks up to his heart and then turns towards us talking some smack about we aren't sneaky enough to go undetected by the LK. So, I am about ready to run, when the commander of our mission runs over there and starts talking major smack to LK about how his heart could make him a man again, yadda yadda... So LK lays his death smack down on our commander and our team makes a b-line over there to protect him.

LK walks off to the side and slams his sword into the ground and all of his priests get up and run over to us. This was not a pretty site. I figured we would be dead for sure. So, they continue to talk for a bit, and this entire time, I am trying to start the attack. It keeps saying I can not attack that target. At some point I see the mission complete and our team opens up a Death Gate to take us where ever, and me being the nice guy I am had to try and shoot this dude one more time...

Well, it worked, and I did punish the LK with a Death Grip to the throat! Then he shot some purple and black lightning bolt at me that sent me directly to the graveyard... So, I went and found my corpse, right there where I left it, and everything went back to normal. I don't know if I missed anything there, or if that is the way it was supposed to end, but in any event, I turned in my quest and moved on to BG's... The moral of the story is "don't Death Grip the king"!

I played a couple of BG's, just mostly to try and figure out how the heck to run a character that is more "close range" then I am used to. I am kinda the guy that likes to sit back, send in some friends to fight and shoot a few DOTS/HOTS once in awhile and collect the rewards/fame at the end.

Well, I can't say I did terrible, but I have no clue what the heck I am doing with that DK. Trying to stay close enough to hit a target while continually shooting at them with close range attacks is HARD!

Well, to make a short story even longer, I managed to go to the Hall of Hero's or whatever over in Org, just to see what I could get as a DK for armor, weapons, etc... I went through each vendor looking for these sets like my Warlock has and all I could find is Bluewear... I am wearing all blue and I haven't even gone in a dungeon yet. So, I am getting pissed off, and wondering where the hell is the epic gear?

Apparently the gear is to be patched later, so I ask myself, what is the point? We can't do Wintergrasp without Alliance locking up the server, we can't do arena's because they are all messed up, and now, I can't even get any good clothes for my Hot Death Knight Chick!

I am less than pleased with these events... More later!

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