Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Time Has Come... DK's get "adjusted"...

I will have more on these later, this is just an FYI of what happened in patch 3.0.8.


Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55.
Bonus Armor: The mechanics for items with bonus armor on them has changed (any cloth, leather, mail, or plate items with extra armor, or any other items with any armor). Bonus armor beyond the base armor of an item will no longer be multiplied by any talents or by the bonuses of Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, or Frost Presence.
Racial restrictions on mounts have now been lifted. Night Elves on mechanostriders? Tauren on raptors? You’re not seeing things.
Racial Resistances: These can now be mitigated against by gaining additional chance to hit.
Tapping: All player spells which cause a creature to become aggressive to you will now also immediately cause the creature to be tapped.
All Silence spells now have diminishing returns. This includes: Arcane Torrent, Garrote silence effect, Improved Counterspell effect, Improved Kick effect, Silence, Gag Order, Silencing Shot, Spell Lock, and Strangulate.
Dispel Resist talents have changed to protect only beneficial spells and damage over time effects.
Shield Wall, Barkskin, Guardian Spirit, and Divine Protection are now off the Global Cooldown.
A new mailbox is now available at the Crows Tavern in the Dalaran Sewers.
We have added over 60 new graveyards to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.
The run speed in spirit form has been increased by 50%. Night Elves in Wisp form will now move at a bonus 75% speed.
Reputation rewarded for killing mobs will no longer automatically deprecate. This means trivial mobs will continue to give out their full amounts of reputation on kill for the majority of cases in the game (level 70 creatures in Stratholme, for example, will continue to award the full amount of rep to level 80 players seeking to boost their Argent Dawn faction).
World of Warcraft now supports 3-D imaging. Visit http://www.nvidia.com/object/GeForce_3D_Vision_Main.html for more information.

The Loremaster of Kalimdor Achievement has had its quest amount reduced.
The Perma-Peddle Achievement is no longer a part of the “Fool for Love” meta-achievement.
The Winds of the North has had its requirements changed. This achievement is now earned by getting Exalted with the Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition.

Vehicles can now be affected by most player spells, except CC, snares and roots.
Arena rating requirements for all Deadly Gladiator’s Arena items have been reduced by 100.
All rage and runic power are set to 0 when an Arena begins and the preparation period is over.
Ring of Valor: The small pillars will now rise immediately once the arena begins.
Lake Wintergrasp
Wintergrasp Commendations can now also be purchased for the low low price of 9 Wintergrasp Marks of Honor. Players can visit their respective Wintergrasp vendors and put those Marks of Honor to use!
Wintergrasp PvP vehicles have had their health increased.
Wintergrasp Tower cannons have had their health increased.
The Wintergrasp Fortress Exterior walls have had their health increased.
The Fortress Keep door now has had its health decreased.
The Orb is now instantly clickable.
Elementals should now always despawn when the battle begins.
Wintergrasp now extends further south so that more revenants can be reached.
There are now three ranks in Wintergrasp: Recruit, Corporal, and First Lieutenant.
Players will be eligible for participation rewards after two honorable kills.
Players will receive increased honor with increased rank.
Players will receive additional Marks of Honor at Corporal or higher rank.
Players will receive corporal rank at 5 honorable kills instead of two.
Strand of the Ancients
Antipersonnel Turrets will now gain vehicle immunities, use falloff damage, and damage increased to 4000 + 200 per level to compensate for falloff.
The Strand of the Ancients Demolisher has had its health increased.
The Strand of the Ancients tower cannon has had its health increased.
Seaforium charges have been moved closer to the graveyards on the 2nd tier.
Death Knights

All multi-rune abilities generate 15 runic power.
Anti-Magic Shell: The cooldown has been lowered to 45 sec from 60 sec.
Anti-Magic Zone: This ability’s duration has been cut to 10 seconds.
Blood Aura now grants 2/4% instead of 1/2% healing.
Blood Presence now grants 2/4% instead of 1/2% healing.
Bloody Strikes will receive extra bonus damage from Pestilence.
Bone Shield: The mitigation has been reduced from 40% to 20%.
Corpse Explosion: Damage increased substantially, added 5 sec. cooldown, and changed cost to 40 runic power.
Dark Command: Range increased to 30 yards.
Death Pact now grants 40% instead of 20% healing.
Frost Presence: The bonus armor has been increased from 60 to 80% and magic damage reduction increased from 5 to 15%.
Heart Strike no longer has a haste debuff but will now be able to strike two targets.
Horn of Winter now has no cost and grants 10 runic power in addition to its stat buff, but has a 20 second cooldown.
Howling Blast: Cooldown removed.
Icebound Fortitude now reduces damage by 20% instead of 50%. The amount of damage reduced increases with bonus Defense (to about 35% for 540 Defense, but can go higher).
Killing Machine: Instead of a chance to be triggered on critical strike, this talent now has a chance to be triggered on each swing based on the swing time of the weapon (slow weapons more likely, fast weapons less likely).
Mark of Blood: The total amount of healing this can grant is now capped based on a percentage of standard creature health at the target’s level.
Night of the Dead now grants 40/70% passive area spell avoidance to your pet in addition to its current effects.
Outbreak will no longer receive bonus damage from pestilence. The bonus from Plague Strike and Blood Boil has been increased slightly.
Pestilence no longer has a 10 seconds cooldown.
Raise Dead has now been split into two spells:
Raise Dead now raises a ghoul or pet ghoul (if talented). Requires corpse dust if no humanoid corpse is nearby.
Raise Ally now raises a fallen party member as a ghoul and has no reagent. Available at level 72. This should now last for 4 minutes.
Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle (two-handed only) now grants 25 Defense and 2% Stamina.
Rune Strike: Damage decreased from 200% to 150% but threat increased to 150% from 100%.
Shadow of Death: The duration has been changed from 45 seconds to 25 secondsseconds and now has a 15 minute cooldown.
Summon Gargoyle: Damage dealt by the Gargoyle reduced by approximately 20% and maximum duration cut to 30 seconds.
Unholy Blight had had its cost reduced from 60 to 40 runic power.
Wandering Plague will now properly reset after being castand now considers the resilience of the target in determining its chance to be triggered.
Vampiric Blood (DK) changed from 20% health / 50% healing to 15 % health / 35% healing.
Will of the Necropolis will now reduce the damage of any attack that takes the DK below 35% health by 5 /10/15% instead of boosting armor when wounded. It no longer affects the cooldown of Anti-Magic Shell and retains the current damage reduction bonus.

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