Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me...

That's my new theme song for my poor DK, who can not seem to find any Epic gear. Since Blizz is doing extended maint again, I decided to do a quick update to my ever so popular blog of nothing...

I am posting a comparison chart for those of you interested in playing a DK, I have armor shots before and after. I will get to why in a minute.

A quick overview of how we got to where we are today. I have a level 70 Warlock on Alliance that was my main character. This character is completely covered from head to toe in "Purple" or "Epic" gear through PvP, rather then dungeon wear. When Wrath of the Lich King expansion came out, you had to have at least a level 55 character on a server to create the new player class of Death Knight (DK). These characters were once and start out as minions of the Lich King (LK), but eventually break away thanks to the help of the "Light". I decided to try the Horde because starting at level 55 I could build a character quickly and get to see some of the other side of things for a change.

After creation of the DK, I was sent on several specific quests that allowed me to eventually break away from the LK's evil, mental grip. I was thrust into the world of Azeroth just like any other player with choices to make.

My first step was to get a foothold on my heritage and set up a home location somewhere fimilar that has easy access to wherever I may need to go. When you are released from the LK's grasp, you are left in the Eastern Plaguelands (EP), where most level 58 players used to play before the level cap was raised from 60-70. Now, you can skip this zone and move right on to the Outlands at level 58. Since I am more fimilar with Outland, I decided to make the trip to Shattrath City (Shat) to make my start as a DK. Before I left, I had to go to Orgrimmar (Org = the main capital city for Horde) and get my heritage as a Blood Elf back from the Overlord there named Thrall. When I first ran into Org, the other non-player characters would scream, and yell things at me as I was running to see Thrall to get my name as a Scourge cleared. It made me laugh to hear them screaming, and I still chuckle when a new DK rolls into town to speak to Thrall.

I made the long journey from EP to the Blasted Lands where I went through the portal to the Outlands. I started questing at this point and moving my way closer to Shat so I could set up my home on the fimilar Scryer's Tier. You have to find several Flight Paths from Hellfire Peninsula to Shat, so I did that first, and made my way to the city and up to the tier. I told the Innkeeper that I would like to call Shat my home. At level 58 you can't even get into the Northrend expansion lands. You can get to Northrend without a player mage to portal you when you reach level 74, so Shat is the logical place to get started. They have portals there to every major city in the Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor (The Old Lands). Once I set up shop on the Scryer's Tier, I was ready to start my leveling fiesta!

I went through quests in Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar Forest, and a few in Negrand until I reached level 68. Once level 68 is obtained, you can basically drop the Outlands, and move directly to Northrend (The New Lands). It is sort of sad for Outland, because I really don't have much use for it anymore.

Northrend is set up a little different then Outland, because there are two starting points. Like Outland, there are only a few of zones that you need to make the questing trip to 80. You can start in either Borean or Fjord. I started in Borean, worked my way through Dragonblight, then a few quests in Grizzly Hills, cleared Zul'Drak, and finished up in Icecrown. Basically, I think you can do the entire 12 levels in 4 zones. Once you reach level 74 you can get into Dalaran, unless you can get a port or someone to group with you and then go into the Battlegrounds from Dalaran. When you hit level 77 you can get your Cold Weather Flying, which allows you to use flying mounts in Northrend. This is very helpful for the lower level zones in Northrend, but once you are 77, you should be hitting Zul'Drak or Icecrown.

Since I made level 80, I have been going back and getting some things I missed, or playing around looking to see what we can do out there for fun. So far, I have received a few acheivements, one of note is "Did Anyone Order A Knuckle Sandwich", that was for getting my unarmed skill to 400. I have been playing around with a seasonal questline called Lunar Festival. Mostly I have been doing things to keep me busy while I wait for the Battlegrounds to pick up. They have slowed down to the point of useless. Plus, there is really no gear for me to go after there, so I don't have the drive I did with my Warlock.

Daily quests have become a bit of an issue since they came out with this boat that floats over part of Icecrown. You have to basically chase this thing down to receive and turn in some of the quests. I have talked to other people that really feel there should be a flight path to this boat. Icecrown is very difficult to navigate anyway with everything being either really high up or way down below the ground. That coupled with the boat runs, are just keeping me and other folks annoyed. I do like the concept of spreading out the dailies so there aren't so many people in once place fighting over resources, but Blizz kinda took that to the next level. They put the quests so far apart and in several zones, so you have to spend a lot more time flying around to get what you need.

I have played the Strand Of The Ancients and the Wintergrasp PvP zones, but I still do not quite understand what we are doing, so I will hold off on those for now. I have been enjoying the older Battlegrounds when I can get into them. As far as fighting with the DK, I am not quite as adept at the close range stuff as I am with shooting spells from far away.

So, my reason for putting up a comparison. Well, with my overall experience as a DK, I was totally thrilled with getting all "Blue" Superior gear at level 58 that looked really cool. By level 64 I was mosly all back in greens, and stayed in greens until I got to Northrend and level 70. After I finished leveling in Northrend, I was once again in all Superior gear, but there is still no way that I can tell to get the sword of the Ebon Blade that we had when we were level 58. I mean to say I want an upgraded version of that sword, and I haven't been able to find one. I think similar or better gear should be available too, but so far I haven't found any. The best I could come up with is a pure black sword from the Ebon Blade guys, but comon! There isn't any blue or red glowing stuff on it.

So, Blizz, if you are listening, please throw us DK's a bone, and let us have the Ebon Blade glowing sword back at 80... K?

I know I can't get a castle, but can I get a darn sword?


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