Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still moving on... Level 75 (4 Bubbles to 76)

I moved into Zul'Drak. I have been cruzing around there for awhile, trying to get a grip as to what we are trying to accomplish here. This is a good zone to fight in, although I am getting sick of Scourge. I rode a 100 foot giant called the King Of Storms and killed some really nasty, elite mobs. Now I am playing another discuise game with the Scourge to gain their trust so we can destroy them... (Another "bad" tactic, but it is by Death Knights this time, who were once "bad".)

A couple of new things that bother me about the expansion are that, for one thing, Death Knight mobs in the game do not realize that I am just like them. They speak to me as if I am a Blood Elf, and not a DK, which kinda pisses me off. I have the same powers they do, and I am part of the same Ebon Blade collective. Second, the pet for the Death Knight should not speak like a vendor when clicked on. I think that was an oversight or just plain lazy, but either way, that little guy should say something completely different then "Buy, Sell, Trade", or say nothing at all.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Gotta get back to grindage...

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