Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down With Icecrown!

Level 79 and a half. Icecrown was definitely made for those with fast flying mounts. These guys have had me flapping all over the darn place and heck if I can find more then 3 flight paths in the entire zone.

There has only been one of those incredibly long quest chains where you have to go see the same guys more then 5 times. They sent me to get this guy a cure for his illness and each time I had to take the 3 minute flight back and forth. I was so glad when that was over. I got a nice ring from it but that one really wore me out.

Icecrown has a host of daily quests you can do but they are mostly launched from a ship flying about in the sky. The ship does a large circular path and it shows up on your map once you are within range. If you happen to be in Dalaran you can take a flying mount to get there from the flight deck but once you pick up your dailies you are on your own flapping your way to victory.

The quests in Icecrown are somewhat fun but I wasn't feeling the same warm excitement as Zul'Drak. I think Icecrown needs more flight paths but, that's from someone who doesn't have the 5000 Gold to spend on 300 Riding skill. There is much more danger in Ice because they are more geared to deal with flyers. There are always other flying enemies around so you have to be on your feet on the ground as well as keeping your head out of the clouds while in the air.

I am gonna have to give the overall fun level a "not so much" at least thus far, and will hopefully see what I came for soon so I can move on.

I want to see us kick the kings hiney!

*** UPDATE *** I just touched something I wasn't supposed to, News at 11:30 AM...

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