Thursday, January 22, 2009

Level 80 and Fear is down with the ladies...

I hit level 80 this morning and it is still not over. I haven't killed the Lich King. I did, however kill a bunch of people in the battlegrounds real quick. My acheivements were flashing like strobe lights.

Anyway, I am not the greatist PvPer of all time, and it was wierd that I see everything in reverse because I started on Alliance. I did have some fun because the Horde definetly is more geared towards the end game of PvP.

The feeling I get from playing both sides is that the Alliance is more about helping others and democracy, where the Horde is all about Honor and doing whatever it takes to make the leaders happy. I realized that in the BG's, the Horde is so much more aggressive. They don't sit around crying about why things aren't working. The Horde just gets it done.

I have seen the chat on both sides and it is so different. On Alliance, you just want to turn the chat off because some jerk is always explainig to you why we never win. Calling everyone names and standing on the sidelines. While the Horde seems to be much more focused on getting the job done.

Alliance seems to be more geared towards monetary rewards and sucess and the Horde seems to be more driven to survive and win by any means possible.

I am not sure that makes sense, but I am sure the feeling of playing each side is totally different.

I haven't been on since noon on the 21st. But Blizz had turned off Wintergrasp until they could address the issue with crashing.

I am down to one solo quest left in Icecrown, so I will update my fun status after I do that line.

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